Field Installable Connector

///Field Installable Connector
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Field Installable Connector



  • The connecting tool is embedded in the product that does not require additional assembly tools
  • This mechanical connection is easy to assemble using without additional power or practices.
  • Its simple assembly process allows a beginner to assemble easily.
  • Its convenient way of reconnecting the fibers reduces an error in the field.


  • FTTH end user termination.
  • Patch panels
  • Rapid repair of optical networks
  • Direct equipment termination

Technical Drawing

 Parameter  Specification`
 Fiber Polishing Method  SPC Polish, APC Polish
 Applicable fiber Diameter  Ø 250~900μm,□1.6×2.0,□2.0×3.0,Ø3.0mm(SM,MM50,MM62.5,MM10G)
 Insertion Loss  Typ. ≤0.3 dB / Max. ≤0.5 dB
 Return Loss  >45dB (SM fiber SPC polish)
 >50dB (SM fiber APC polish / When use with Flat cleaver )
 >65dB (SM fiber APC polish / When use with Angled cleaver )
 Operational Temperature  -40 ~ +85°C
 Pull test  < 0.2dB, 4N load ( 0.125 fiber)
 < 0.2dB, 40N load (□2x3mm , Ø3.0mm)
 mpact test  < 0.2dB, 1.5m, 10 repetitions
 Durability test  < 0.2dB, 200 repetition of connecting/disconnecting
 Vibrate test  < 0.2dB, 3 axes 2hr/axis,1.5mm(peak-peak),10 to 55Hz(45Hz/min)
 Thermal Cycle test  < 0.2dB, -40 to 75℃, 21 cycles for 168 hours(3.0mm cable)
 humidity test  < 0.2dB, 90 to 95%RH, Temp75℃ for 168hrs