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  • In-line connection and Mid-span branch under 144 core fiber-optic cable
  • Installation of FTTH Network with RN splitter and loose tube single mode fiber-optic cable
  • Splice can be available with loose tube single mode fiber-optic cable and 4 & 8 core ribbon cable
  • Installation available for various condition such as manhole, aerial, direct-buried
  • Very tight and Strong lock with screw bolts


  • Aerial, Underground, Manhole


  • Dimension/Weight : 574mm x 222mm x 144mm /5.18kg
  • No. of tray : 6ea
  • No. of Entry : 6ea
  • Connection Capabilities : Single(144Core), Double(288Core)
  • Capability per tray : Single(24Core), Double(48Core)
  • Cable Diameter : Ø3mm ~ Ø24mm
  • Splice method : Fusion, Mechanical
  • IP68 Satisfied


Installation RN Splitter

Inlet port 3mm drop cable

Cable arrangement for mid-span branch